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Bubble Grader Training

Table of Contents

A. Starting the Bubble sheet generator
B. Bubble Grader Process
C. Examples, Cheat sheets and videos!

A. Starting Bubble Sheet Generator Program while on Campus only

With your pvc credentials while on campus log into our remote app server.

Then log in with same username and password you use to get into your desktop or email.

Double click the Bubble grader icon.

Bubble Grader Icon
Login again with the same username and password you use to log into your desktop or email.

If you need the Bubble sheet generator installed on a Windows 7 and above only mobile device please call 760-921-5556 or send an installation request via email to helpdesk at paloverde dot edu.

B. Bubble Grader Process

1. Open the Bubble sheet generator program.

  • Under the Configure Template select the number of questions from the dropdown menu.
  • Select the number of test sheets needed to be printed.
  • A standard logo will likely be provided and used. However a logo can be changed under Custom Logo.

Custom Logo

2. Under the Exam Details fill in the Course Code, Teacher ID, Test ID as applicable.

  • For Instructor name use the first portion of your email address.(ex. For joe.smith@paloverde.edu use joe.smith for the instructor name)
  • Complete Exam Details by filling in the Exam Date, Subject and Section fields.
  • At this point you can save this Answer Key as a template.

Answer Key

3. Complete the Set Answer Key and Students Name and IDs sections prior to test administration. The information can be filled in or imported from CSV or Excel file formats.

Set Answer Key

Set Answer Key 2

4. Click on the print tab at the top to print out both the Teacher

Answer Key and the Student Answer Sheets or choose Export and save to file.

5. Take the Answer Key and sheets to the MFP.

  • Place the Answer key atop the Answer sheets face up and select the Bubble grader tab.
  • Input the Test Name, date and Test Id. Press the Start key.
  • The answer sheets will now be graded and along with a Comprehensive Test Report be emailed to the destination that was indicated in the Instructor name field.

C. Examples, Cheat sheets and Videos

A cheat sheet for using the Bubble sheet generator that will work with the Bubble Grader software that is on our Minolta Printers aka MFP’s (MinoltaCl114 and MinoltaEops)

An example of some poorly marked bubble grader test pages to demonstrate what the software will do with poorly pen marked test sheets. Some have double marks, some have just X’s etc. I tried to run the gauntlet of things a test taker might do to see what the bubble grader software would do.

The report from the paper sheets that were scanned in to create the answered test pages in the ScannedSheets.pdf file above.

Minolta Consultant Video