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Institutional Goals: 2020 - 2023

Horizon 2023 Strategic Plan

Goals Framework

The Chancellor of the California Community Colleges, in coordination with community college
stakeholder groups, the appropriate fiscal and policy committees of the Legislature, and the Department of Finance, are developing and adopting a framework of indicators designed to measure the ongoing condition of a community college's operational environment in the following areas:

  1. Accreditation status.
  2. Fiscal viability.
  3. Student performance and outcomes.
  4. Programmatic compliance with state and federal guidelines.

Each community college is charged with developing, adopting, and publicly posting a goals framework that addresses the areas outlined above. The development of the goals framework shall be guided by the statewide goals. According to the California Legislature, these goals must be challenging and quantifiable, address achievement gaps for underrepresented populations, and align the educational attainment of California's adult population to the workforce and economic needs of the state.

Pursuant to Education Code 84754.6 the Palo Verde Community College District has adopted the following goals framework.

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