Enrollment Fee Refund Policy

A full refund shall be credited to the student's PVC Services account for the class(es) he or she drops during the
first ten (10) days of classes of each semester. No refunds shall be made after the first ten (10) days of classes of each semester, unless the program change is a result of action by the district to cancel or reschedule a class(es). One-day courses and short courses are fully refundable if the student withdraws before the course begins. A request for refund form can be picked up at the front desk, or in the business office.

Tuition Fee Refunds
When requested by a non-resident student (not including those under the Guest Agreement),tuition refunds for
official reduction in courses or a complete official withdrawal shall be made according to the following schedule:
First three weeks of semester: 75 percent (75%)
Fourth and fifth weeks: 50 percent (50%)
No refunds will be made after the fifth week of each semester unless the program change is a result of action by the district to cancel or reschedule a class.

Military Withdrawal Refunds
In the case of students who are members of an active or reserve military service, and who receive orders compelling a withdrawal from courses, upon petition of the student, a refund of the entire enrollment fee shall be issued unless academic credit is awarded. Military students must submit a "Special Circumstance" withdrawal form, a copy of military orders, and a refund request to the Registrar's office in Student Services.

Book Return Policy

  • Books may be returned for refund and/or exchange within the first two (2) weeks of the semester in which purchased. No refunds or exchanges after this two week period. In sessions longer than regular semesters, refund period ends on the last day to register for classes. Any other book purchase has a ten day return period. Books purchased used are not returnable for a refund.
  • A sales slip is required for return or exchange, dated within the two (2) week time period. No return or exchange is possible without a sales slip and your drop slip.
  • Do not write or mark in the book in any manner or full refund or exchange is not possible. Soiled or marked books will have to be put up for sale by the student as a used book. Shrink-wrapped textbooks are not returnable if the wrapping has been removed.
  • Refunds for merchandise paid for by check will not be made without verification that the check has cleared the bank or 15 days after the date of sale, whichever is first.
  • EOPS students (Book Grants): Students wanting to exchange books for dropped/added classes need to return all material with textbook (CD-ROM, On-line access cards and manuals/workbooks) or no refund will be possible and students will be charged for the textbook.