GradGuru is an award-winning mobile platform that increases community college student persistence and completion.


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Personal Community College Advisor in your Pocket

By delivering free nudge notifications to your iOS or Android smartphone, GradGuru:

  • helps you keep track of PVC-specific academic and financial aid deadlines
  • guides you through critical milestones
  • encourages and rewards you for behaviors proven to lead to academic success

Never Miss another Deadline

Sign up as a Palo Verde College student, we'll tell you about every deadline you need to know. The app will send you free push notifications and free reminders for EVERY upcoming PVC deadline. You DON'T have to constantly check the app to keep your deadlines straight.

Once you've downloaded GradGuru, you don't ever have to open the app again if you don't want to! We bring the reminders and tips to succeed to YOU. Everything pops right up like a text message! No hassle!

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Transfer Faster

Want to transfer faster? Our evidence-based tips make it easy for you to know what steps you need to take to get through school faster. GradGuru gives you the college know-how that your busy counselor doesn't have the time to do. Get the info you need to have the RIGHT conversation when you DO meet with your advisor.

GradGuru Tips

Earn Cash and Rewards for Doing the Right Things

You earn badges for doing things like checking in with your advisor, making an education plan, keeping a 3.5 average, and more! Earn enough badges, and redeem for cash that you can use for school!

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