Financial Aid

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Welcome to Financial Aid Our primary goal in the PVC Financial Aid Office is to meet the needs of all eligible students by packaging (combining) funds from various sources, including institutional and non-institutional funds.

Important Dates

  • March 2: Priority deadline to complete FAFSA for CSAC/Cal Grant
  • June 30: FAFSA Processing ends for 2022-23 School Year
  • July 1: 2023-2024 School Year begin
  • September 2: Second deadline to complete FAFSA for CSAC/Cal Grant
  • October 1: 2024-25 school year FAFSA application goes live.
  • See Disbursement Dates for important disbursement dates
  • See Academic Calendar for additional important dates.

Application Process

Steps to Apply for FAFSA

Students interested in attending community college/University should apply for FAFSA. This application may also be required to receive other monies, such as institutional funds, state grants, scholarships, etc. as well as work-study or other grants. FAFSA is completely free. The acronym FAFSA means Free Application for Federal Student Aid. If you come across a website that requires payment for assistance or submission, DO NOT PAY!

Palo Verde College is eligible and active in the Federal Pell Grant Program; nevertheless, the Pell Grant may be used at almost any school the student chooses to attend. Financial Aid personnel at each institution have additional information as to whether the college and its programs are eligible for the Federal Pell Grant Program.

  1. Apply for PVC Admission

    Before beginning the FAFSA application, students interested in attending PVC must apply for Admission.

  2. Complete the FAFSA

    Students, parents, and borrowers are advised to establish an FSA ID . The FSA ID is a username and password combination that serves as a student's or parent's identifier to allow access to personal information in various U.S. Department of Education systems and acts as a digital signature on some online forms such as the FAFSA.

    Complete the FAFSA online and include PVC's Federal School Code: 001259. To gain a better understanding of what the FAFSA entails and what information to include when applying, visit FAFSA Help . Most high schools, colleges, vocational schools, libraries and community or state agencies will no longer have paper applications available but if applying online is intimidating, a printable version (English or Spanish) is available for download.

  3. After FAFSA Submission

    After an electronic FAFSA submission is processed by the Department of Education, you will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR), either by email or mail, from the Department of Education. (This NOT an award - you are not done yet.). Provided that you have gone through the admissions process at our school, it will take at least 3-5 business days before your FAFSA is linked to your record on the PVC Financial Aid database. Once received, The Financial Aid Office will use the information to determine if any further paperwork is necessary.

    Verification: Some FAFSA results require the school to verify certain information. In those cases, notifications informing you of any required documents will be posted to your student Self-Service account by PVC Financial Aid office. Students are responsible for checking their student accounts regularly for any requirements needed to complete their file. Students with further questions or requiring clarification are encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Office. If corrections are required, the Financial Aid Office will submit them electronically or ask the student to make the corrections online. Expect processing to be delayed by several weeks. All items reported on the FAFSA are verifiable. Financial aid may ask for additional documents throughout the academic year.

Awards and Disbursements

All complete files will be awarded eligible funds for the school year based on assumed enrollment status and distributed evenly between the Fall and Spring terms. Disbursement amounts will depend on a student's enrollment level per semester. All Financial Aid refunds that are processed are via check available to the students at the PVC Financial Aid Office or via US Mail upon request to the address on your PVC student account.

3 Easy Steps Applying for Federal Student Aid!

  1. Apply for admission to Palo Verde College   2. Completethe FAFSA:
- Create your FSA ID
- Use School Code 001259
- Submit your FAFSA
  3. Review
your Financial
Aid Progress. Submit any
final documentation for verification
  Now you are ready for disbursement!

For additional information visit the Federal Student Aid portal or contact the Palo Verde College Financial Aid Office