Financial Aid Rules

If you receive a Grant and then withdraw or stop attending all your classes, you will OWE money to the federal program.

Palo Verde Community College will determine the amount of federal financial aid that a student has earned in accordance with federal law. Students who receive federal financial aid and do not attend any classes will be required to repay all funds they received. Students who withdraw from all classes prior to attending more than 60% of the semester will have their financial aid eligibility recalculated based on the percentage of the semester completed. The student will be required to repay any unearned financial aid they received.

Immediately see a counselor or advisor and discuss your academic or personal reasons for leaving. Perhaps you can stay but take fewer courses. Maybe there are services (such as tutoring or personal support) that will help you remain in school. Speak with you teachers; see what advice and assistance they can offer.

You must notify the Admissions and Records Office that you will be withdrawing. Note that any statement of intent to withdraw you make to the Admissions and Records Office will constitute the ?date of withdrawal? for calculation purposes of repayments.

Please work with the Financial Aid Office. You can arrange for regular payments with the federal government without losing your student aid eligibility, so it's important to take care of the details before you go. If you leave without making arrangements for repayment of funds you owe, the financial aid office will put a national hold on your student aid eligibility.