Main Campus

When it comes to learning, it is our commitment to make you our first priority. From our outstanding faculty and offerings of courses in academic and vocational areas to an open-access lab of computers all dedicated to your use-Palo Verde College wants you to know that the campus community is committed to helping you achieve success on all levels. Palo Verde College has something for everyone. Whether it is academics, student activities, athletics, or student services, we are committed to helping you succeed by providing a wide range of programs, activities and services to ensure your success.

With all this and more, we invite you to join our student body and take advantage of everything Palo Verde College has to offer. This Online Orientation is designed to acquaint you with our academic and vocational programs, student services, and provide useful information and guide you through the registration process. Each of these topics will have it's own section of the orientation. Let's get started by clicking on the link below.