Automotive Technology, A.S.

The Automotive Technology program provides for entry level skills in the automotive field. The program is designed to impart in-depth technical skills as required in today's highly technical automotive field. Preparation for employment in the automotive and/or transportation trades, with upgrading and specialization skills for those currently employed will be stressed. Emphasizes practical experience in actual repairs under simulated shop conditions.


Course Title Units
AUT 100 Intro to Automotive Technology 3
AUT 101 Basic Technician Skills 3
AUT 102 Engine Analysis/Tune-Up 3
AUT 103 Suspension, Steering & Alignment 3
AUT 110 Brake Systems 3
AUT 111 Automotive Electrical Systems 3
AUT 200 Engine Diagnosis/Overhaul 6

Electives (Choose a minimum of two courses from the list below)

Course Title Units

AUT 107

Beginning Automotive Technology


AUT 108

Engine Performance, Heating & Air Conditioning


AUT 109

Brakes, Suspension, Steering, Drive Trains, & Transmissions


WEL 102

Basic Gas Metal Arc Welding


Total Required Units: 30

In addition to the CORE courses required for the A.S. Degree in Automotive Technology, students will also be required to meet the Associate Degree Requirements and the General Education Requirements (Option A) listed in this catalog.