Information Technology


The mission of the Palo Verde College Information Technology (IT) Department is to foster the development and application of information technology to improve the quality of education at the college and to provide assistance to our user base.

The IT Department will accomplish its mission by providing and coordinating information technology to our user base, which include students, individual faculty and staff members as well as campus departments.

The department's primary responsibilities are in the areas of:

  • Providing information technology and services to our user base.
  • Developing and maintaining college database and information systems.
  • Developing and maintaining network and security infrastructure.
  • Developing, implementing and recommending standards for information technology.
  • Coordinating the acquisition of information technology.
  • Providing direct support to our end users in a timely and consistent fashion.

Mission Statement

The IT Department's mission is to utilize technology to further the institutional goals of Palo Verde College and to support the faculty, staff and student body in the use of that technology.

Department Vision

To provide the best technology services to our user base through the effective utilization of existing and new technology. The IT Department will implement and support technologies and processes that will increase access to information, improve service to our user base and improve the quality of education at Palo Verde College.

Strategic Goals

  • Implement enterprise initiatives to provide access to college and student information via campus website, inline admissions and registration and student portal functionality.
  • Effectively manage and improve access to college data-systems to ensure information is readily available to be utilized in decision making processes.
  • Assist faculty with the integration of technology into curriculum.
  • Provide technical support for college distance learning initiatives.
  • Maintain a customer-driven culture within the department to ensure user' IT needs are well defined and consistently met.
  • Establish an IT management and coordination structure to achieve an enterprise approach to managing IT resources in order to improve service to users and streamline department operations.