Disabled Student Programs and Services

What is DSP&S?

Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSP&S) is a categorically funded program designed to assist those students with physical, psychological, or learning difficulties.

Services are offered to help students circumvent their functional limitations and become active, productive members of the college community. The program emphasizes independence and self-reliance while providing the support necessary for individuals to achieve their goals.

DSP&S Funding is received through the DSP&S section of the California Community College Chancellor's Office and is based on the number of students enrolled in the program as well as on the types of disabilities served. Your participation is encouraged.

Who Qualifies for DSP&S?

The program is open to any student who has a verifiable physical, psychological, or learning disability, either temporary or permanent, which causes one or more limitations on educational performance.


Funds are used to provide a wide range of services including, but not limited to:

  • Peer Counseling
  • Priority Registration
  • Test Taking Accommodation
  • Interpreters
  • Campus/Community Liaison
  • Note takers
  • Tutors
  • Academic Counseling
  • Adaptive Equipment
  • Tape Recorders
  • Adaptive P.E.
  • Learning Disability Assessment

How to Enroll

In order to enroll, a student can call the DSP&S office at (760) 921-5489 or come in and make an appointment to see the DSP&S counselor. A student may enroll at any time during the semester.

Conditions which may qualify a student include, but are not limited to, mobility impairment, blindness and other visual impairments, deaf and hearing impaired, acquired brain injuries including stroke, other conditions such as seizure disorders, cancer, AIDS/HIV, coronary problems, kidney disease, asthma, psychological diagnosis, learning disabilities, and developmentally disabled.

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