Palo Verde College Foundation

Palo Verde College Foundation was established in 1985 by fifteen Blythe, California natives with the goal of supporting Palo Verde Community College faculty, staff and students.

The Foundation received its 501(c)(3) status in 1986, and has grown to nearly $1.5 million in assets.

In 2017, Palo Verde Community College created a Foundation office on its main campus, which serves as the chief fundraising arm for the college and works with an independent Board of Directors, along with the Superintendent/President and Board of Trustees. The Foundation consists of up to 23 members from the local communities of Blythe and Needles, California.

The Foundation is completely dependent upon the generosity of the local communities in both Blythe and Needles, PVC Employees, in addition to companies and businesses, which invest in educational endeavors through endowments.

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Mission Statement

The Palo Verde College Foundation supports educational excellence by assisting and encouraging investment in the development and growth of educational opportunities at Palo Verde Community College. Investment in education at Palo Verde Community College is an investment in the future of Blythe and Needles, California.


The objectives of the Foundation are:

  1. To advance the educational goals of Palo Verde Community College District and its students.
  2. To provide scholarships, fellowships, grants in aid, and other financial assistance to qualified students and members of the faculty of the Palo Verde Community College District, and to carry out any activities consistent with the mission of Palo Verde College;
  3. To receive gifts, bequests or donations either outright or as a trustee or beneficiary of a trust; to hold, transfer, sell, invest or reinvest real property, cash stocks and bonds, and all other evidences of value for the purposes set for in subsection 1 of this paragraph;
  4. To expend funds for the general welfare of the students and faculty of the Palo Verde Community College District;
  5. To do any other act or thing, to engage in and carry on any other activity in any manner connected with or incidental to, or calculated to promote, assist, aid or accomplish any of the aforesaid purposes; and for the purpose of attaining or furthering the same, to exercise all or any of said powers, whether as principal agent, or otherwise, and whether alone, or with others; and to have and exercise all other rights, powers, and privileges now or hereafter belonging to or conferred upon corporations organized under the provisions of Title 1, Division 2, Part 1 of the Corporations Code of the State of California (1977);
  6. Otherwise to provide aid to education supplementary to State and local tax means for the support and benefit of the Palo Verde Community College District;
  7. Such other additional purposes as are set forth in the Articles of Incorporation.