Standard Student Budgets

The following chart permits the student to estimate the cost of attending Palo Verde Community College for one school year (nine months). These budgets are intended to include sufficient money for students depending on life style, priorities and obligations. It is possible to reduce costs in some areas through careful planning.

Budget Allowances With Parents Off Campus Less Than 1/2 Time Distance Learning
Fees/Tuition 1 (based on 14 units)** $1,288 $1,288 $1,288 $1,288
Books and Supplies $1,710 $1,710 $1,710 $1,710
Food and Housing 2 $4,518 $11,268    
Transportation $1,323 $1,323 $1,323  
Personal/Misc 3 $2,970 $2,970    
Totals $11,809 $18,559 $4,321 $2,998

**Fees/Tuition are subject to change

  1. Enrollment fees for California residents are $46 per unit with no maximum.  If you are not a California resident, tuition costs are:

    Non Resident Fee: $176 per unit (plus enrollment fees of $26 per unit)
    California Enrollment Fee: $46 per unit
    Arizona Enrollment Fee: $138 per unit (includes enrollment fees)*

  2. Includes food, snacks, meals on campus, rent, utilities, household supplies, etc.

  3. Includes clothing, laundry and dry-cleaning, personal care, gifts, recreation, etc.

*Reasonable expenses for dependent/child care will be added.