What is CSEA?

The California School Employees Association is the largest classified school employees union in the United States. CSEA represents more than 220,000 public employees in California.

CSEA was formed in 1927 by a determined group of Oakland custodians who saw the need to gain protections for themselves and other classified employees. Through this initial determination, CSEA proved to be an organization that would stand the test of time.

Statewide Organization

The state is divided into ten geographic Areas. Each Area is represented by an Area Director elected by members in that Area. The Area Directors serve on the Board of Directors, along with five additional executive members of the Board who are elected at the annual CSEA conference.

The ten geographic Areas of CSEA are further divided into 100 Regions. Each Region is represented by a Regional Representative appointed by the State President. The Regional Representatives serve the State President for one year. Regional Representatives also serve on many crucial committees at the President?s request.

CSEA is democratically controlled through members in more than 750 local chapters. Chapters elect officers, bargain collectively and implement CSEA programs locally. Chapters send delegates to the annual CSEA conference where resolutions and policies are discussed and the future direction for CSEA is democratically decided.

Statewide Organization

The professional staff is headed by the Executive Director at Headquarters in San Jose. Other services housed in San Jose Headquarters are: Accounting, Field Operations, Human Resources, Information Systems, Legal, Member Benefits, Office Services, Public Relations, and Research.

CSEA is served by Labor Relations Representatives statewide. The Labor Relations Representatives perform a range of professional services, working out of strategically located field offices, to better serve local membership.

CSEA also maintains a professional Governmental Relations staff. The Governmental Relations office is responsible for passing legislation favorable to the interests of classified employees. The Governmental Relations office is located adjacent to the state Capitol in Sacramento.