Building Construction Technology, A.S.

The Building Technology program provides students with a basic background in the management of construction projects. Students will find employment in the broad spectrum of opportunities available in the construction industry. The program also provides continuing education for those already employed as contractors, site superintendents, project managers, estimators, and other areas related to construction.


Course Title Units
BCT 100 Introduction to Building Trades 3
BCT 101 Rough Carpentry 3
BCT 102 Advanced Framing Techniques 3
BCT 110 Blueprint Reading 3
BCT 112 Basic Electricity 3
BCT 113 Basic Plumbing 3

Electives (Choose a minimum of two courses from the list below)

Course Title Units
BCT 200 Cabinetry I 3
BCT 201 Cabinetry II 3
BCT 202 Finish Cabinetry 3
BCT 210 Interior Trim Carpentry 3
BCT 212 Masonry Construction 3
BCT 220 Photovoltaic Systems 4

Total Required Units: 24

In addition to the Core Courses required for the A.S. Degree in Building Construction Technology, students will also be required to meet the Associate Degree Requirements and the General education Requirements (Option A) listed in this catalog.