Business and Technology

(With General Education Requirements - Option B or Option C)

The Associate degree in Liberal Arts is designed for students who wish to have a broad knowledge of liberal arts and sciences plus additional coursework in an "Area of Emphasis." This area of emphasis would be an ideal choice for students who plan on transferring to the California State University (CSU) or University of California (UC) as students can satisfy general education requirement, plus focus on transferable coursework that relates to majors at these institutions. Please consult with a counselor for information regarding your intended major at the specific college or university of your choice.

A minimum of 18 units is required in the Area of Emphasis listed below. For depth of study, 2 or more courses in one discipline is required. Courses selected may also be used to fulfill GE areas, refer to each transfer institution policy.

Area of Emphasis

ACC 100, 101, 102

ART 120, 125

BIO 100, 101, 110

BUS 101, 103, 105, 115, 135, 201, 202, 206, 210, 221

CIS 101, 102, 123, 124, 130, 131, 132, 133, 150, 155, 170, 175, 248, 260, 265

ECO 105, 106

MAN 105, 106, 107, 145, 205

MAT 106, 110, 210, 220

Students must complete at least two courses in ACC, BUS or MAN and at least two courses in CIS. At least one business course is required for this emphasis. For depth of study, two or more courses in one discipline is required.