Hazardous Material Specialist A.S. Degree

The program prepares individuals to perform the duties of fire fighters. This includes instruction in fire-fighting equipment operation and maintenance, principles of fire science and combustible substances, methods of controlling different types of fires, hazardous material handling and control, fire rescue procedures, public relations and applicable laws and regulations.


Course Title Units
FST 150 Haz-Mat First Responder Operations 1
FST 152 Basic Chemistry 2
FST 153 Applied Chemistry 2
FST 154 Incident Considerations 2
FST 155 Tactical Field Operations 2
FST 157 Specialized Mitigation Techniques, Module F1, Haz-Mat Specialist 2
FST 158 Advanced Field Operations, Module 1G, Haz-Mat Specialist 2
FST 162 ICS 300, Intermediate Incident Command System 1.25
FST 183 Terrorism: Weapons of Mass Destruction 1

Electives (Choose a minimum of two courses from the list below)

Course Title Units
FST ELECTIVE: 100 - Level or above 3
FST ELECTIVE: 100 - Level or above 3
FST ELECTIVE: 100 - Level or above 3
FST ELECTIVE: 100 - Level or above 3

Total Required Units: 27.25

In addition to the Core Courses required for the A.S. Degree Hazardous Materials Specialist, students will also be required to meet the Associate Degree Requirements and the General Education Requirements (Option A) listed in this catalog.