EOPS Program Eligibility Requirements


A student wishing to enter into the EOPS program must meet the following criteria; the student must be eligible for the BOGG waiver A or B, (2) the student's family adjusted gross income must not be more than $33,075 for a family of 4. A family of 2 must not earn more than $21,855. An independent student cannot earn more than $16,245 (3) All applicants must fully complete their financial aid application and qualify before entering the program, (4) The student must be enrolled in a minimum of twelve (12) units, (5) The students must make a formal application for the program, and (6) If already in college, the student must be in good standing.

Eligibility priority will be given to EOPS eligible first-time students who participate in the EOPS Orientation. Priority will also be given to continuing EOPS eligible students who are transferring from another EOPS college program and who are in good standing (a minimum 2.0 grade point average and completing a minimum of 9 units during previous semester). Priority will be given to EOPS eligible Palo Verde College returning students who are in good standing.
All new and returning students must complete the following paperwork in order to gain admittance into EOPS:

  • EOPS Application
  • EOPS/ CARE Mutual responsibility Contract
  • Student Education Plan (2 Copies)
  • EOPS New Student Service Log

A copy of the student's assessment scores as well as a copy of the students schedule must accompany the completed registration packet. Please note that incomplete packets will not be approved by the director until all paperwork is submitted.

Number of students to be served

The EOPS Director/Counselor will, based on budget, staff and facilities available, determine the number of students to be served during each semester and yearly.

Book Grants

Book Grants are provided approximately in the amount of $200.00 for textbooks each semester (fall and spring semesters). All grants are based on the availability of funds and are issued on a first-come, first-served basis.

Who is eligible for EOPS?

You must have reached 18 at the time of admission or has graduated from an accredited high school; your family's previous year's gross income shall not exceed $33,075 for a family of four with an additional $ 5,610 for each dependent thereafter, or the student (or family) is a recipient of public assistance (CalWORKs, SSI or General Assistance); You must not have completed more than 70 units total college degree-applicable course work; you must be educationally disadvantaged (defined by one of several factors); Must be enrolled in 12 units of college courses unless you are enrolled in the Disabled Students Program and Services; and you must be a California Resident.