Probation and Disqualification

EOPS students are reminded of conditions that place a student on probationary status. As we get closer to the mid-semester reporting period, students are advised on their academic status. The counselor will offer choices and solutions in order to aid them from falling short of what is expected. Ultimately, the goal is to continue making progress and avoid falling in a deficiency status.

Students on probation status are required to meet with the EOPS Director for its initial process of developing a contract agreement and complete a subsequent biweekly visit with a counselor or the Director.

Before withdrawing from a class, students are required to meet with their counselor before withdrawing. Part of their mutual responsibility contract is to maintain a student-counselor contact. There is a mutual obligation that binds the counselor with the student in order to keep up with their appointments, meetings, and workshops. The most important function is completing the three (3) contact sessions per term with a counselor: (1) initial start of the academic semester, (2) mid-semester for 2nd contact, and (3) exit review and priority registration to complete the program standards. Each of the contact periods is a critical part of a student education plan. Each session is accordingly scheduled at a convenience that is suitable to both parties. As a student, they have a choice who they would like to complete their contact periods.

Not locked to anyone counselor, students are free to explore their educational avenues through anyone of the EOPS counselors or advisor with respect to developing their educational goals. EOPS Counselors will encourage students though out the semester to consider different learning curves, campus functions, workshops, explore extra credit work activities, educational tours, study groups, team interventions, counselor-instructor contact, and support groups to stay above the GPA requirements.

Academic Probation(AP)-student failing to maintain at or above a 2.0 GPA status. Two consecutive terms will result in a student's ineligibility in the program. Students on probation must meet with their counselor bi-weekly/2 month.

Progress Probation(PP)-student failing to complete a minimum of 9 units per term unless enrolled in DSPS. Two consecutive terms will result in a student's ineligibility into the program. Students on probation must meet with their counselor bi-weekly/2 month.

Contact Probation(CP)-student who fails to complete any of their three contact sessions with their counselor will result in falling in a Contact Probationary status. The failure of meeting these conditions for two consecutive terms may result in a student's ineligibility in the program.

Early Alerts
Should a student fall below the program expectations, they are contacted and provided with a higher level of care to avoid falling in a probationary status. Through our basic skills initiative, a trained advisor will provide students with added contact time and advisement on various campus services to help the student reach his/her potential.

  • Students are eligible for added services through the EOPS Program
  • Eligible to receive tutoring services
  • Interpreter services
  • Additional counseling time
  • Workshop participation and training activities
  • Community referral service
  • Prevention and Intervention services

Disqualification and Reinstatement
Students who earn poor grades are placed on probation and the EOPS warning list (less than a 2.0 grade point average or a "C" average). Their academic load will be limited to a maximum of 12 units. The student on probation for the second consecutive semester will be disqualified from the program for one semester. The student will not be eligible for grants for transportation or book grants. These non-monetary services will hopefully result in academic improvement for the student. Reinstatement into EOPS will occur when the student maintains a minimum of 2.0 grade point average during the semester in which he/she is not eligible for EOPS. The student must be making academic progress and be progressing toward a cumulative of 2.0. A student completing less than 9 units will be on probation for one semester. Support services will be made available to the student to bring his/her grades up to the minimum GPA and/ units during their probationary status period. Satisfactory result in reinstatement. A review of student's progress will be made by EOPS counselors before consideration of reinstatement.