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Bidding Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in doing business with Palo Verde Community College district.

Bid Information

Vendors can view a listing of bid opportunities and download at

Bid Assistance

At any point during the bidding process, vendors may request assistance from the Administrative Services Technician noted in the bid.

Insurance Requirements

Palo Verde College requires vendors to submit evidence of adequate insurance and bond coverage, regardless of the dollar amount of the project, prior to performance of work or services on College property. Insurance and Bond Requirements for more information.

Bid Results

To obtain bid results, bidder is requested to either (1) attend bid opening, (2) provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope, referencing the bid number, and a bid tabulation will be mailed, or (3) visit Purchasing no sooner than three (3) working days after bid opening to review the bid tabulation. Because of time constraints, bid results cannot be provided over the phone.


The most responsive and responsible bidder meeting bid or contract specifications is awarded the contract. The basic types of awards include a requirements contract for goods or services to be provided over a set period, usually for one year at a fixed price, or for a one-time purchase of specific items at a fixed price. All awards are confirmed in writing, either by letter or purchase order. It is the responsibility of the vendor to read, understand, and deliver the materials/services in accordance with the Purchase Order Guidelines.