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Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that all vendors must be bonded, have insurance, and have the correct California license; in which all items must be turned in if awarded.


How do I Promote my Business to Palo Verde College?

Contact the Administrative Service Technician at 760.921.5538 or by email at

Where Do I Find Bid & Contract Opportunities?

Visit the to view a listing of bid opportunities and download bids.

If I'm Not a Registered Vendor, Can I Still Submit Bids with the College?

Yes, however, in the event of an award, we cannot issue a purchase order unless you are a registered vendor and have supplied all supporting information.

What Should I Expect at the Pre-bid/Pre-proposal Meeting?

The pre-bid meeting is used to discuss specifications for a specific bid/proposal, and it allows for vendors to ask questions in order to seek clarification. Not all bids have a pre-bid meeting and attendance is not mandatory unless specified.

How Are Bids Awarded?

Purchase orders will be awarded to the lowest responsible and responsive bidder who meets all requirements and specifications of the bid. See the Bidding Guidelines for more information about awards and obtaining bid results.


What is a Consultant?

A Consultant is defined as any professional or technical expert contracting with the College for the purpose of giving opinions, preparing reports, conducting studies, and making recommendations or providing special services in the fields of finance, planning, personnel, public relations, engineering, and architecture.

Who Selects Consultants for the College?

Palo Verde College Administrative Services is responsible for advertising the Request for Proposal (RFP) and recommending award in accordance with Board Policy.

What is Purchasing's Role in Selecting Consultants?

Administrative Services is responsible for issuing a purchase order to the selected consultant. It is the responsibility of Administrative Services to retain a list of consultants which would normally provide the services they may require.

How Do I Promote My Consultant Business to the College?

If you are interested in promoting your business to a specific College Department, please contact administrative services at 760.921.5538.