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Category Definitions

Palo Verde College will be known for excellence—educationally, socially, economically and culturally. Palo Verde College provides an exemplary learning environment that promotes student success, lifelong learning and community development. Palo Verde College is committed to excellence. The College expects quality instruction and services, and applauds the achievement of its students, faculty and staff. Palo Verde College facilitates lifelong learning and encourages scholastic achievement. The College believes that knowledge, understanding, and their application are keys to a better future. Palo Verde College maintains the highest standards of ethics and integrity. The College consistently demands respect, honesty and fairness in its educational programs, professional interactions and community relations.

Please note that all vendors must be bonded, have insurance, and have the correct California license; in which all items must be turned in if awarded.


  • Vehicles
    Examples may include: automobiles, golf carts, light/medium/heavy duty trucks, and tractors, or repair vehicles.
  • Supplies
    Examples may include building maintenance/repair, computer, electrical, fuel, hardware, hose, irrigation, janitorial, laboratory, library, lighting, medical, office, paper, plumbing, police, and safety
  • Appliances, Furniture, Interior Fixtures
    Examples may include appliances, flooring, library furniture, kitchen equipment, office furniture, outdoor furniture, shelving/storage, wall and window coverings.
  • Machinery / Equipment Items - Components Repair Parts
    Examples may include generators, industrial, laboratory, mowers, playground, pumps, shop machinery and tools, street light fixtures, repair parts for machinery, equipment, and vehicles.

Contractual Services:

  • Equipment & Vehicle Maintenance
    Examples may include A/V, communication, elevators, HVAC, helicopters, laboratory, office/photocopier, plant operating equipment, and specialized vehicles.
  • Facility & Grounds Maintenance
    Examples may include custodial, guard, landscape maintenance, hazardous waste removal/disposal, pest control, and trash removal/disposal.
  • Miscellaneous
    This is a catch all for everything that did not exactly fit in the other service or consultant categories. Examples may include catering, graphics/printing, laundry, interior/exterior signage, and portable toilets.

Consultant Services:

  • Architectural / Engineering Consultants
    Examples may include design (architectural, interior, landscape, lighting), engineer (civil, electrical, mechanical, structural, traffic), and related specialties (corrosion, environmental, geotechnical, land or urban planning).
  • Computer / Data System Related
    Examples may include computer programming, system analysis, EDP maintenance, wire/cable installation, telecommunications, etc.
  • Consultants Other than Architectural / Engineering
    Examples may include accounting, financial, insurance, legal, management, medical, organizational/training, psychological, public art, real estate, veterinarian, etc.

Please note that all vendors must be bonded, have insurance, and have the correct California license; in which all items must be turned in if awarded.