Associated Student Government

Welcome to the ASG page.

Jasmin Gima

Jasmine Gima
Alessandra Carrillo

Alessandra Carrillo
Vice President
Maria Lind

Maria Lind
Melissa Armer

Melissa Armer
Sunil Lal

Sunil Lal
Student Trustee
Gregorio Mendez

Gregorio Mendez
Maria Bugtai

Jesse Rangel
of Publicity
Staci Lee

Staci Lee

The goal of the Associated Student Government (ASG) is to improve and expand services to students. In addition to other privileges, ASG membership entitles students to free or reduced price admission to various activities and discounts for various food and merchandise with local merchants. For further information, refer to the Student Handbook.

ASG Officers

President: Jasmine Gima
Vice-President: Alessandra Carrillo
Secretary: Maria Lind
Business Manager: Melissa Armer
Student Trustee: Sunil Lal
Historian: Gregorio Mendez
Commissioner of Publicity: Jesse Rangel

Advisor: Staci Lee

Want to join us?

ASG meetings are held every Tuesday at 11:00 am in room CS 133

Purchase your ASG Card

ASG cards may be purchased in the Business Office for the following amounts.
$10.00 for the semester and $18.00 for the academic year.

More Information

For more information contact:

Staci Lee (Student Development and Civic Center Events/ Manager):
(760) 921-5512 /
ASG Office: (760) 921-5519