CalWORKs is the California Work Opportunities and Responsibility to Kids Act. Training is the most important part of the CalWORKs program. To qualify for the CalWORKs program here at Palo Verde College you must be a cash aid recipient, be enrolled in classes here at Palo Verde College, and have young children. Through the CalWORKs program students can obtain the training they need in order to be independent and self-sufficient. Education can mean a better job, higher income, and long-term stability for students. CalWORKs provides job development and placement for students in the program. Among the services provided by CalWORKs are job development skills, workshops for employability, and work placement.

CalWORKs also provides students with access to mentors and tutors by interfacing with on-campus programs and services and with off-campus agencies. The Palo Verde College CalWORKs program collaborates with the local employment community to partner in the development of careers and expand on-the-job training opportunities, internship/mentoring programs and community work study placements directly related to the vocational field of training. Students enrolled in CalWORKs may also be eligible for funding for childcare, transportation, and books. Students are placed in jobs based on their academic major and career goals. For more information, call Staci Lee at (760) 921-5512.

CalWORKS Application